FOUR deadly 14ft sharks lurk beneath oblivious kayakers in crystal clear waters in chilling aerial footage

FOUR deadly sharks can be sighted in chilling aerial footage as they lurk beneath oblivious kayakers in crystal clear water.

Taken just off the coast of Israel, the astonishing images show the creatures below the sea surface as they circle a group of human onlookers.  

The marine life, thought to be female dusky sharks, are said to have flocked to this part of Israel's coast in recent years thanks to waters made warmer by a nearby coal plant.

They can grow up to 4.2m (14ft) in length and are accompanied by rays which help them to float in the Mediterranean waters.

The drone images were captured by Ido Meirovich at the Hadera Park – roughly a 40 minute drive north of the Israeli capital Tel Aviv.

The 49 year old said: "The water temperature in this part of the sea is around 19 degrees, and the warmer streams of water attracts lots of fish.

"There were perfect shooting conditions this day as there were was a smooth sea with little wind."

Despite their size, there have been very few reported incidents involving humans, and the shark spectacle remains a huge attraction to scuba divers, swimmers and kayakers alike.

The photographer, who also works in software sales, added: "In recent years this group of around 30 female dusky sharks have inhabited this area.

“As a result, many Israelis see it as an opportunity to get close to sharks."

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