From £80 steak to £500 calamari and £16 for bread and butter – the most ridiculous 'rip-off' meals

THESE are the most ridiculous "rip-off" meals, from an £80 steak to £500 calamari.

Depending on the restaurant, meal prices vary but have you ever paid £16 for bread and butter?

Pricier meals at luxurious restaurants may be worth the staggering prices but sometimes punters get ripped off, especially when visiting an unknown area as a tourist.

Here are a few examples of the most ridiculously priced meals, hungry customers were forced to pay.


The mouth-watering sirloin steak at celebrity chef'sTom Kerridge pub will set you back £87.

The steak comes with chips and a Bordelaise and Bearnaise sauce and can be served with vegetables like a side of cabbage costing £7.50 extra.

The 48-year-old telly cook was slammed about the prices of his meals but he defended his "bold and unpretentious" menu.

Kevin King complained: “Come on £95 for steak chips and cabbage is taking the mick. I will pay for good food.

“But there’s a limit where it becomes offensive, one example that’s gone before, Keith Floyd, he did this, crazy prices because he was on telly, lost the lot.”

When wine expert Guy Woodward criticised the pub's prices, Kerridge responded: "Those prices include everything, VAT and service. No additional service charge at all.

"Also I pay staff properly and treat their job as a professional career.

"Perhaps the real cost of dining should be addressed. Unpretentious does not mean cheap."


A frustrated holidaymaker in the Greek island of Mykonos reported having to pay a whopping £500 for six pieces of calamari.

The entire bill ended up amounting to a whopping €836 (£737).

The US tourist posted a review on TripAdvisor giving the establishment just one star and said: "This place is a rip-off, look at the picture I posted.

"They charged us 830 euros for calamari, 6 beers and 3 salads.

"The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST! No pun intended."

His complaints led to a number of other customers sharing their high bills after visiting the restaurant.

One customer posted a receipt which showed two glasses of prosecco for €136 (£119) while another was charged €25 (£22) for a coffee.

Tourist Yannis Psarras, from London, said: “Me and my wife were dragged for a drink only to pay €230 for a €20 bottle of wine and a couple of sides.

“These guys run the ultimate scam.

"They invite you in on a non-existent offer – like free sunbeds – they don’t show you the price list, they list prices by 100 grams rather than per portion or per kg or something more standard.

"It’s really a playbook of scamming tourists!”


The Dorchester's Polo Lounge in central London has been slammed for charging  £16 for a bread basket.

According to the restaurant's menu, the pricey bread selection includes a Sea Salt Pretzel, Butter Brioche, and a Garlic and Cheese Baguette alongside cajun butter and chive cream cheese.

The restaurant, a pop-up on the rooftop has been slammed for its extortionate pricing.

One man, who used to work in the "bread business," was outraged at the mark-up, adding: "Sixteen quid for a breadbasket you say?

"I retired from the bread business a few years ago – and I can tell you that the price of a bread offering is outrageous everywhere.

"Never mind the mark up on wines, on bread it is outrageous!

"If you are going to charge for bread then it should be cared for like a proper menu item rather than hacked to bits with a blunt knife by the waiters."


Diners at the Caffee Vaticano restaurant in Rome were left fuming after being charged £70 for two burgers and three coffees.

The receipt shows the meal for two came to a hefty €81.40 (£70.62).

The hamburgers alone cost €25 (£21.69) each, coming to €50 (£43.38).

They were also charged €8 (£6.94) for one Americano coffee, two double cappuccinos for €8 (£6.94) each, plus a service charge of €7.40.

Facebook user Carlos said: "Wow such a rip off!! thanks for the heads up!"

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