Fury as Piers Corbyn claims October 7 massacre was a 'false flag'

Fury as conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn claims October 7 massacre was an Israeli ‘false flag’ operation – after his ex-Labour leader brother Jeremy repeatedly refused to call Hamas terrorists in TV interview

Piers Corbyn has sparked fury by venting a vile conspiracy theory about last month’s Hamas atrocities in Israel being a ‘false flag operation’ – after his brother Jeremy repeatedly refused to call the group terrorists. 

The 76-year-old was asked by the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) for his opinion on the attacks on October 7, which saw Hamas terrorists break into Israel and murder 1,400 people, mainly civilians, including revellers at a music festival. 

Footage showed civilians being shot, stabbed, tortured and kidnaped, with one girl hiding behind a desk gunned down at point blank range. The horror of the attack saw Israel strike back against Hamas, leaving to a land invasion of the Gaza Strip. 

Asked about the attack, Piers said: ‘I was suspicious from the start because the gates were clearly opened for soldiers to come in and they were let out. So the whole thing was done with the connivance of the government of Israel which used whatever happened as a pretext. 

‘People died as a consequence because the Israeli government wanted it to happen. It was a false flag operation. That operation on that day was agree at the highest level of the Israeli government because they let in these soldiers.’ 

Piers Corbyn vented the vile theory after being asked by the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) for his opinion on the attacks on October 7

It comes after his brother Jeremy refused to answer whether Hamas is a terrorist group fifteen times during a fiery interview with the presenter

He went on to talk about ‘baby beheadings that didn’t happen’ before wondering if the Israeli hostages – who include children – are paid actors. He even suggested Israel had invaded Gaza ‘for oil’, before comparing October 7 to Pearl Harbour – which he bizarrely claimed was also faked. 

The CAA called Piers Corbyn’s comments ‘grotesque’ while Piers Morgan said he was guilty of ‘vile antisemitism’. 

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It comes after his brother Jeremy refused to answer whether Hamas was a terrorist group fifteen times during a fiery interview with the presenter. 

Mr Corbyn was embroiled in an explosive interview on Talk TV, where he was grilled by Mr Morgan for 18 minutes about his views on Hamas and his decision to join pro-Palestine marches in London.

Things became heated as Mr Morgan condemned the barbaric slaughtering of 1,400 Jewish people on October 7 and repeatedly asked Mr Corbyn if he would remove Hamas from power in Gaza.

Mr Corbyn shunned the question and refused to give a yes or no answer. He called the surprise attack by Hamas ‘abominable’ and ‘appalling’ but appeared to become agitated as Mr Morgan pointed his finger and asked: ‘And you think Israel can do peace with people who did that?’

Sitting beside Len McCluskey, former general secretary at trade union group Unite, Mr Corbyn slumped back in his chair and folded his arms before saying: ‘If you want to have a discussion, fine. But if you want to shout at me that’s your prerogative – your TV. Your show.’

Mr Corbyn fell silent and asked Mr Morgan ‘are you done yet?’ as the former Good Morning Britain host asked the ‘critical question’ again if Hamas should stay in power.

A woman filmed screaming ‘death to all Jews’ is among those being hunted by the British Transport Police following protests on Saturday 

The Met Police are also ‘actively seeking’ two men pictured wearing Hamas-style headbands

The heated interview took an extraordinary turn when Mr Corbyn was asked if he agreed that Hamas is a terrorist group.

Mr Corbyn said ‘I do not approve, support or welcome Hamas’ but refuses an astonishing fifteen times to directly say they are a terrorist group in a back-and-forth exchange for more than a minute as Mr Morgan continually pushes him for a yes or no answer.

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At one stage, Mr Corbyn folded his arms and looked to the ceiling in what appeared to be an apparent pose of frustration.

Mr Morgan said it ‘is very telling’ Mr Corbyn wouldn’t answer whether Hamas should stay in power or if they are a terrorist group.

‘And you wonder why people think you had a problem with Jewish people,’ Mr Morgan says.

The interview was posted on Piers Morgan Uncensored’s X page.

Mr Corbyn was among the 300,000 people who attended the pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day on Saturday.

The hard-Left icon revealed ahead of the protest that he would be marching against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

In a message to supporters, Mr Corbyn said: ‘With the Home Secretary stoking division and calling these peace marches ‘hate marches’, it is more important than ever to stand up for the right to protest and a peaceful way forward.’

The MP for Islington North spoke at the rally where he said ‘the only march of hate I’ve seen recently is the far-Right trying to divide and destroy our communities’.

Mr Corbyn has been attending pro-Palestine marches in London and was among the 300,000 who rallied through the capital’s streets on Armistice Day

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