Gang of thieves stole 12,000 daffodils planted to jazz up town — leaving just seven flowers behind – The Sun

THIEVES swiped 12,000 daffodils planted to jazz up a town’s grot spots — leaving just seven blooms standing.

The gang harvested their loot “on an industrial scale”, according to a voluntary group which spent a year planting the bulbs.

The flowers are believed to have been stolen to be resold and are estimated to have a street value of about £2,000.

Two men were later seen flogging bunches in the town centre and outside an Asda store.

Other residents reported seeing several men selling them.

One had an backpack overflowing with flowers but refused to say where he got them from.

The volunteers planted 20,000 mixed variety bulbs, including 12,000 daffodils, along a quarter- mile stretch of hedgerows owned by the National Trust in 2018.

The huge operation, in Wisbech, Cambs, cost £1,230.

Retired volunteer Alan Wheeldon, 69, had helped plant the daffodil bulbs.

He said: “We chose the town’s grot spots and tried to make them better and brighter.

“Now you could count the number of daffodils on one hand. It’s not a blaze of colour, just a row of green leaves.

“The bulbs are still there but they have taken all the blooms.

“This isn’t just a few kids picking a few for their mums — this has been done on an industrial scale.”

His voluntary group was recognised last year for a decade of contributions to Fenland.

It meets once a week to paint street furniture, litter pick and plant greenery.

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