Greedy husky gets unopened food can stuck in its mouth in China

CAN you help please? Firemen assist greedy pooch after it got a tin of dog food stuck in its mouth when it got fed up waiting for its owner to feed him

  • Husky got an entire unopened food can stuck in its mouth in city of Hefei, China
  • Owner was forced to go to the local fire station to get help removing it 
  • Video shows firefighter’s massaging the dog’s jaws before it dislodges the can 

Rowdy, greedy, and prone to mischief – if this sounds anything like your pet husky then you are not alone as one unfortunate pet owner in China has proved. 

Video posted on social media site Wiebo by firemen in the city of Hefei reveals how one owner was forced to seek help after their husky got an entire unopened can of food stuck in his mouth.

The husky’s owner had been attempting to prepare a meal for the dog, but the impatient pooch snatched the can before it could be opened – and got it stuck between its front teeth.

A husky owner from the Chinese city of Hefei was forced to turn to the fire brigade for help after their greedy pet snatched an unopened can of food and got it stuck in its mouth

Footage reveals how bemused firemen resorted to massaging the animal’s jaws in an attempt to dislodge the can.

After a few moments the husky seems to get the idea, and loosens its own grip on the can, allowing it to use its front paw to push the can to the floor.

The clearly shame-faced dog then back away from the can, having apparently learned its lesson.

Video of the unusual incident was posted on Chinese social media on March 12, and has since racked up thousands of views.

And viewers were left unsurprised by the dog’s antics.

‘Behaviour worthy of a husky,’ one wrote. ‘I’m not surprised.’

‘This is clearly a purebred husky,’ another added.  

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Video reveals how the firefighters massaged the shame-faced dog’s jaws to loosen the can, before it managed to knock it free using its front paw

Social media users were unsurprised by the hungry husky’s behaviour, quipping that ‘it must be a pure-breed’

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