Hooded dog thieves caught on CCTV fleeing down alley clutching a French Bulldog they stole from garden

HOODED dog thieves were caught on camera as they fled down an alley clutching a French Bulldog they had clambered into a garden to nab.

The three men were filmed on CCTV grabbing Maggie from a pen, throwing her over a fence and carrying her to a waiting getaway car.

Police believe the gang plan to sell her because French Bulldogs can fetch at least £2,000 and their pups £4,000 each.

But her owner, Chloe Jade, 22, said the beloved 18-month-old pet is useless for breeding as she has been spayed.

The mum of two, from Bradninch, Devon, is offering £1,000 for the return of Maggie, who was a present for her two-year-old son Ollie on his first birthday.

Chloe, who lives with boyfriend Charlie Jones, 24, and other son Albie, one, said: “Someone out there knows where she is.

“It is breaking my family’s heart to know she might be in danger.

“We just want her home. We just want to make sure she’s safe.”

She added: “Ollie keeps asking ‘where’s Maggie?’ and saying ‘Maggie is gone’.

“He doesn’t understand too much because he’s only young but he knows that she’s not here.”

Police think the snatchers may have taken Maggie over 200 miles away to Manchester after a red Ford with cloned plates linked to the city was identified driving away.

Charity DogLost say thefts have jumped 270 per cent since the start of the Covid pandemic. Only one in five dogs is reunited with its owner.

More people have wanted a pet at home during the restrictions so they are fetching more money than usual.

Wayne May, of DogLost, said: “Dog theft is a huge problem at the moment.

“Some police forces take it more seriously than others — but it should be uniform across the UK.”

The Government launched a Pet Theft Task Force this month to investigate the rise during lockdown. 

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the group would clamp down on the perpetrators of the “distressing crime”. 

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