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A SHARK expert has revealed a top tip on what do if you find yourself face-to-face with a killer shark.

Professional shark diver and marine biologist Kayleigh Nicole Grant, 34, revealed her top tips as she tries to educate swimmers.

Kayleigh – who previously showed what to do if a shark is chasing you – shared another incredible video on her Instagram.

The diver showed the video which features her snorkelling while a massive tiger shark looms in the background.

With her back to the shark and her hands across her chest, the ocean predator begins to approach. in a scene reminiscent of Jaws.

But then as Kayeleigh turns and makes eye contact with the creature, it then banks off and swims away from the her – seemingly spooked.


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The heartstopping video – which was shared with her 128,000 followers – was designed to show people that sharks can be intimidated by eye contact.

Kayleigh was encouraging people to find other ways to deter sharks without touching them.

" It almost sounds silly that a shark could be intimidated by our eye contact but it allows us to look like an equal apex predator in the water & they treat us as such with a few simple tricks," she wrote.

"By looking them in the eye, not splashing, staying calm, & continuing to face them, you look like a predator & not prey."

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She went on: " Sharks are not man eating monsters, but they are top predators.

"The ocean is where they live so if we enter we need to know that we are taking that risk.

"We hope by sharing this information we can help keep sharks & people safe."

Kayleigh explained that shark attacks are often caused by the animals mistaking humans for their prey.

She urged swimmers to stay way from "murky waters" so the sharks can have a clear view of you.

You should also stay away from areas where there is active fishing – the scent of which may attract them, the expert explained.

And she encouraged people to always stay in groups as there is "strength in numbers".

Surfers resting on their boards she always try to "look alive" so they do not attract curious predators.

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