I made my privacy fence even HIGHER to block out my nosy neighbour… but was shocked when I watched back CCTV footage | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER went to new heights to block out his nosy neighbour – but it only enraged her more.

In return for raising his privacy fence, Adrian Araujo discovered that his "PsychoKaren" neighbour had secretly taken her revenge at night.

The Texas resident has had a long-running dispute with his neighbours, whom he exclusively refers to as the the tropes of "Karen" and "Kevin".

He regularly takes to TikTok to rally against their petty actions.

Initially, Adrian built a wooden fence to further separate their lives, but it wasn't tall enough for him to feel free of their stares.

In a recent video, he showed himself raising the height of the fence – a decision that clearly infuriated his neighbours.

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Adrian shows the "before" footage of the fresh and pretty wooden fence he had only just erected and then stitches it with "after" shots of the same fence.

Baffled, Adrian finds the nice golden tones of the new wood have turned to a bland, grey colour.

When he consults his CCTV cameras, he discovers that his neighbour was responsible.

She had allegedly spent over 20 minutes splashing heavy streams of water through the holes for seemingly no reason except to damage his side of the fence.

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"Karen still watering," he captions her bizarre actions.

The video, which has been liked almost half a million times, garnered plenty of comments from users outraged by the neighbour.

One said: "I don't understand people like this. Like that is someone's home! Just be decent for christs sake."

"Sad they have to continually mess with you when you both now have more privacy thanks to YOU!" another said.

Adrian responded: "[She] already came over, she made cause now she can't see what we do."

"Send her a thank you note for watering your grass especially during this drought," a user joked.

Another responded: "You have to give the neighbours credit for the stamina they have to do this."

It comes a fellow Texas man, who had recently adopted a friendly dog, was shocked by the barbaric move his neighbour made.

Brandon Gauntt adopted pup Sky, who has an odd hobby – she likes to climb fences and walk along the tops.

Meanwhile, a woman has told of how she had the last laugh after claiming her neighbours harassed her into building a new garden fence.

Tayla claimed that the people next door had hurled racial abuse at her and slammed them as "evil".

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In the UK, the smallest fence dispute descended into an all-out neighbour war when a dad was forced to have his finger amputated after his neighbour James Keir bit it off.

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