I was left needing surgery after date bit through my TONGUE during passionate first kiss – it hurt like hell | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER had to get emergency surgery after her first kiss with a date went horribly wrong.

The Turkish model posted a video on her Instagram story of her tongue being stitched up, which went viral.

Ceyda Esroy has 620,000 followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as "Miss Fotomodel of Turkey 2010".

Ceyda said she was on a date when they both leaned in for a French kiss which turned bloody.

Her date, caught up in the passion of the moment, bit through her tongue.

Ceyda posted about it: "Is it only me whose tongue has been ripped off during a kiss?


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"Oh gosh, it hurts a lot. Is this a joke?"

The operation was performed without any complications, she said.

She revealed: "Guys, I'm OK now, thanks a lot for your well-wishes, they've stitched it up."

Reflecting on the all-too-passionate first kiss, she said her date might have not known how to kiss properly.

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She attributed his painful slip up to his astrology sign.

Ceyda said: “Seems like I didn’t get to know him well. It’s been a month since we first met, this was our first kiss.

"My advice to you is don't even say hi to guys who are Scorpios."

Her sister Esra, 37, is also an Instagram star, with 398,000 followers.

On Ceyda's bungled kiss, one follower asked: "Did you kiss Alien or Predator or a Komodo dragon?"

Another commented: "Work accident."

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