I’m a landlord – I was left with £16k bill after tenants left home full of maggots & poo, I can't rent it ever again | The Sun

A DISGUSTED landlord was slammed with a huge £16,000 bill after a tenant from hell left the home full of poo and maggots.

The Aussie woman is now considering never renting out her house again after the horror tenant left the home flooded with grime and rubbish.

The stomach-churning “destruction” was found by the landlord after the tenant had fled the home.

Pictures of the property show the revolting state her home was left in, and the 80 bins worth of rubbish and excrement she was forced to clear.

Used sanitary pads, maggots, poo and urine were found littered throughout the house and the lady from Queensland, Australia, was left mortified by the discovery.

She told Courier Mail: "This is too extreme. The maggots. The defecation. Used women’s sanitary pads everywhere.


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“If you’re just dirty or messy, it is not to this stage. This is too much.

“This kind of destructive behaviour makes landlords not want to continue to advertise property in market for rent as the emotional and physical cost to fix is too much.”

The horrified landlord, who remained unnamed, has now taken the matter to court.

She said her insurers would not even inspect the property until most of the poo, maggots and rubbish had been removed.

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“I just removed the rubbish on Monday,” she said.

She added that her expenses have already racked up to £3,800 after having to hire a skip and cleaners.

Despite the relatively cheap property being rented at £265 a week, the nightmare tenant did a runner and left the house in a sickening state.

The tenants' possessions have been kept in the property as the desperate landlord awaits instruction on what to do with them.

The woman is now worried that the cost of the deep clean could climb up into the high thousands as her oven, cupboards and air conditioning units have been destroyed by the grime.

She also realised she would need to get pest control and builders into the house to try and put it back on the market.

But with builders supposedly being in such short supply, she fears it will be impossible to restore the house again.

The devastated landlord estimated the cost of returning the property back to its original state will be a whopping £16,000.

It comes after an appalled landlord who revealed the “disgusting” mess slobby tenants left her flat in, describing it as a “warzone of rubbish”.

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Another tenant from hell also filled a home with 8,000 beer cans and other waste after telling the landlord that he had left "a bit of a mess".

And a landlord was left with a £15,000 bill after his tenants burnt his furniture and left his rental property filled with rats and nappies.

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