I'm a Wendy's worker and this is how we make chili using 'dry patties' – and it may put you off fast food for life

A WENDY’S employee took to TikTok to share how the restaurant prepares its chili.

A video posted by user, @mr.mawby, has gained over 7 million views “exposing” the chain’s food. It’s not clear if the user is the Wendy’s employee in the video however, there are two videos on his account about the restaurant.

In the video, an employee dumps “old dry pattys” into a container to soak them in tap water. The patties get put into the microwave to cook for a few moments. 

The water gets drained after that and the employee mashes the ground beef into bite-sized bits, which are transferred to a bag in the store’s refrigerator.

The video’s caption reads, “It goes in the fridge for a few days after this,”

However, the video ends without actually showing how the rest of the chili is made. On the company’s website, it says the recipe includes items such as beans, tomatoes, onions and celery.

The trend of "exposing" fast-food restaurants has become popular among TikTok's userbase, meaning Wendy's isn't the first victim of this.

Users in the comments expressed their disgust about how the restaurant supposedly made its chili.

“Who the hell orders chili at Wendy’s tho?” read the top comment on the video with over 109,000 likes.

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“I could’ve [gone] the rest of my life without knowing this,” wrote another user.

Some users, however, praised Wendy’s for not wasting old meat and said they still plan to order the dish in the future. 

“Yea it be bussin,” said one user. “No fast food finna be 5 star so idc.”

“Okay? Was I supposed to expect you grew it on a chili tree??” wrote another.

The Sun has reached out to Wendy's for comment but they have not responded at this time.

The Sun's attempts to contact the poster of the video were unsuccessful due to security features preventing him from being reached by direct message on his social media accounts.

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