Incredible moment Russian plane crash co-pilot climbs back INTO burning Aeroflot aircraft to save captain

THIS is the incredible moment the co-pilot of the Russian plane that crashed climbed back into the burning plane to save the captain.

Maxm Kuznetsov, 36, lowered himself from the cockpit window by the rope to rescue pilot Denis Evdokimov, 42.

At first, he can be seen trying to get out of the cockpit with the rope.

But then he fights off rescuers in hi-viz jackets to climb back up the emergency slide used by passengers to escape.

Moments later he is filmed guiding two objects down the slide.

Initially it was thought he was saving important flight documents.


But REN TV reported that Kuznetsov had rescued the pilot, citing the captain’s father Alexander Evdokimov.

Either way, there was no official confirmation.

His bravery came after two female flight attendants had been ordered away from the plane having saved dozens of passengers by ushering them down the evacuation slides.

The plane was in flames and smoke and the fire services were shooting water cannons at the aircraft in a bid to control the fire.


In the wake of the incident, survivor Mikhail Savchenko blasted passengers who scrambled to get their bags – delaying the evacuation process.

On Facebook, he said: "I do not know what to say about people who ran out with bags.

“God is their judge.”

He added: "But I really want to ask them not to persecute them, I am sure that it is very hard for them now.

"I do not think that at least one person in this burning hell coolly and deliberately dragged suitcases.

“I do not know how the psyche works in such situations, [that is] a question for the experts."

"P.S. No, I didn’t drag my suitcases. No, I didn’t fly business. No, the moment I was filming, there were no people around me that I could help. But believe me, it’s not much easier."

It comes after a passenger spotted carrying a rucksack from the crash later demanded a refund, it has been reported.

Dmitry Khlebushkin was identified in hours after he was pictured walking away from the scene of the disaster carrying his backpack.

The aircraft made an emergency landing at around 6.40pm Moscow time on Sunday after bursting into flames mid-air

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