Jealous husband who kidnapped wife’s lover and threatened to cut his throat with PLIERS avoids jail after judge sends him on ‘thinking skills’ course – The Sun

A SCORNED husband who kidnapped his wife's lover and threatened to cut his throat with pliers has avoided jail today after a judge sent him on a thinking skills course.

Craig Dewar, 34, cried on the dock as he was found guilty of kidnapping social worker John Hawkins and causing actual bodily harm.

Dewar car-jacked Mr Hawkins, 43, and held pliers to his throat after finding out he was having an affair with his wife Zoe, 32.

The couple have since patched up their troubled marriage and were seen arriving together at Newport Crown Court for his sentencing today.

Dewar was given a 22-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay his victim £500 compensation.

He was ordered to complete a 25-day rehabilitation activity requirement, 19 sessions of a thinking skills programme and 300 hours of unpaid work in the community.

The thinking skills programme is a group course to "develop your thinking skills to help you stay out of trouble."

Judge Nicola Jones told Dewar during sentencing at Newport Crown Court: “This was a moment of madness stemming from feelings you couldn’t control following the affair between John Hawkins and your wife.”

“But you have a loving relationship with your wife and you have moved on from feelings of revenge.”

In May 2018, Dewar and an unknown accomplice allegedly waited outside the offices for Mr Hawkins to leave work.

Prosecutor Andrew Kendall told how he was abducted in his Ford van and taken on a terrifying journey.

Mr Kendall said: “Understandably, Mr Hawkins was scared and did what was asked of him.

“At one point he tried to drive away but Dewar told him: 'Follow that car or I’ll kill you.'"

Mr Hawkins ordeal came to an end when Mr Hawkins stopped on a busy road and sounded the horn for help.

As he fled Dewar hit him several times to the side of his head fracturing a cheekbone.

Jurors heard Mrs Dewar tell police about her workplace affair saying: “It was crazy, crazy, crazy. I would go down to his place or he would book hotels.

“I was living like I was single and I could do what I wanted. It was exciting and we slept together numerous times.”

Mrs Dewar met Mr Hawkins when they were both social workers with a council in South Wales.

She told Dewar he had been on the “cusp of custody” but she said she could suspended his sentence because he was capable of being rehabilitated.

Mrs Dewar was cleared of perverting the course of justice.

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