Meghan Markle gushes over Harry telling her 'with great power comes great responsibility' – quote famous from SPIDER-MAN

MEGHAN Markle has gushed over Prince Harry telling her that “with great power comes great responsibility” – a quote made famous by SPIDER-MAN.

The Duchess of Sussex last night sat down for her first in-person interview since her bombshell chat with TV chat show queen Winfrey back in March.

Meghan, who wore a Remembrance poppy on an all-black outfit, was quizzed as part of the New York Times' DealBook summit.

In a wide-ranging discussion, she spoke of cutting out coupons as a child, working as a waitress – and lobbying Republican senators for parental leave.

But viewers were quick to notice that the Duchess attributed a well-known Spider-Man quote to her husband when talking to interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Meghan made the blunder when Mr Sorkin asked Meghan about her calls to US politicians Susan Collins of Maine and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia.

Asking if she'd been "working the telephones", Mr Sorkin said: "You've made this issue, and women, a central one for you.

"I'm sure there are people in the audience who are saying, 'I don't understand – she has this great privilege, why is this her topic?'"

Meghan, who laughed as he asked the question, said: "You've mentioned privilege.

"My husband always says, 'With great privilege comes great responsibility'.

"But even before I had any privilege in my life, when my life and my lifestyle were very, very different, I always just stood up for what was right.”

But the quote “with great power comes great responsibility” was actually made famous by Spider-Man.

The saying was first coined by French writer Voltaire – but most people associate it with Peter Parker’s uncle Ben in Spider-Man.

In the original movie starring Tobey Maguire, Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker: “Just because you can beat him up, doesn’t mean you have to. 

“Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.”

In the interview Meghan also told how her mental health is in a far better place now that she and Harry have stepped back from their work as senior royals.

Mr Sorkin interrupted the chat to ask: "Are you feeling just better about everything?"

Meghan quickly laughed – before Mr Sorkin added: "No – I'm serious."

The royal replied: "Yes" as Mr Sorkin said: "There was a moment when a lot of the world was asking the question."

"Yes, I'm feeling much better about everything, thank you," Meghan replied.

The duchess broke down in tears earlier this year when she told Oprah she "didn't want to be alive any more".

And she claimed she begged the Royal Family for help – but it was Harry who saved her.

The 40-year-old, then pregnant with daughter Lilibet, told Oprah eight months ago: "I just didn't see a solution.

"I didn't want to be alive anymore."

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