Men from this part of the country believe they have the biggest willies – where does your city rank?

GEORDIE blokes are cockiest about the size of their todgers.

They proudly took pole position over fellas in Liverpool, Stoke and Cardiff in a survey.

In Newcastle, famed for its Bigg Market nightlife, just one per cent googled “is my penis too small?” or “what is the average penis size” in the past month.

Yet in London cockneys weren’t so cocksure — with one in three apparently worrying how they measure up.

Pollsters Lloyds Pharmacy said: “Social media and online porn can leave many anxious due to unrealistic expectations.”

And Dr Sameer Sanghvi, at Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, said: “Feelings of inadequacy or anxiety about size and shape are perfectly normal but can affect self-esteem and relationships.”

But he reassured worried men: “Everyone is different and there is no right size.”

A total of 27,050 searches were identified from ten cities studied.

The most insecure was London with 8,950 searches followed by Manchester on 4,060.

Least searches were in Cardiff (1,350), Stoke (1,340) and Liverpool (1,080).

But a schlong way out in front was Newcastle with just 270 searches.

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