Monster dad raped terrified drunk teen so brutally she couldn’t walk properly then sent her ‘sorry’ text – The Sun

A BEAST who raped a drunk teenager so violently that she had difficulty walking afterwards but then to text “sorry” has been caged for five-and-a-half years.

Fallah George met his 16-year-old victim when they were boozing in a city park with a group in a park in Perth, Western Australia.

George had asked the girl to walk with him alone, before attacking her. 

He pushed the girl against a shed and began kissing her, telling her to "chill" when she tried to make him stop, the Western Australia District Court heard yesterdat.

Realising her pals had gone, the girl tried to flee, but tripped over, spilling the contents of her handbag.

George then raped the teen while she lay on the ground, shoving his hand over her mouth to stop her calling out.

Judge Linda Petrusa said: "You were concerned only about your own sexual gratification."

After the attack, George dropped the teenager at a takeaway where she was helped to safety up by a friend.

Sentencing, Petrusa said the girl "couldn't move and had makeup all over her face."

She added: "She had dirt in her hair and on her clothes, and her knees had blood on them."

The girl was taken to hospital after the sexual assault in December 2016 but didn't involve police until about four months later.

In his final message to the girl, George "apologised" for raping her.

"If I did, I'm sorry, ok? I know sorry won't change anything but please, it won't happen again because it's my mistake and I deeply apologise for my mistake."

The judge said the girl had been left physically and emotionally hurt and had ongoing night terrors and agoraphobia.

he had also turned to drugs to comfort herself, the court heard.

Father-of-one George, who was 20 at the time and moved to Australia as a refugee from Guinea age 10, was found guilty of sexual penetration without consent.

He must serve at least three-and-a-half years behind bars before he can be eligible for parole.

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