More than 350,000 tonnes of food to be dumped in landfills each year

Council failures are causing more than 350,000 tonnes of food to be dumped in landfills each year sparking ‘harmful’ greenhouse gases

  •  Currently 356,000 tons of food-waste is sent to rot in landfills across Britain
  •  The wastage that is dumped pumps greenhouse gases out as it decomposes
  •  It has been proposed that the waste could be repurposed and burnt for energy

More than 350,000 tons of food a year are being dumped in landfill and emitting harmful greenhouse gases because of council collection failures, it has been claimed.

The Government is consulting on requiring councils to carry out weekly food waste collections by 2023. But environmental groups and the Co-op supermarket say it is taking too long.

According to Co-op, almost half of councils in England refuse to collect food waste, sending 356,000 tons to landfill. It says urgent action is needed to turn the waste into fertiliser or burn it for energy.

Some 356,000 tons of food waste is being left to rot in landfills across the country, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they slowly rot away

Rotting food produces greenhouse gas methane, which is considered at least 23 times worse than carbon dioxide.

Some are squeamish about kerbside food waste collection because of potential mess and odours. But Co-op says its compostable carrier bags – designed to have a second use as food waste caddy liners – could be a solution.

Co-op’s Michael Fletcher said: ‘We are committed in helping our members and customers to make environmentally friendly choices.’

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