Mother of Libby Squire’s murderer says she has wept for her heartbroken parents

THE mother of Libby Squire’s murderer says she has wept for her heartbroken parents.

Polish fruit picker Marzena Relowicz, 53, spoke out after her serial sex offender son Pawel, 26, was jailed for life.

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The mum of eight told The Sun on Sunday: “A beautiful girl was killed. It’s heartbreaking. I think of her parents and what they are going through. It’s unimaginable.”

Marzena had urged her son to leave the village of Warszewice and join his sister in Hull in 2012.

The married dad of two raped and murdered Libby, 21, then dumped her in a river in 2019. 

Marzena said she nearly crashed her car when first told of his arrest, adding: “It tore my heart apart.”

Marzena said the case had left her shattered.

She added: “When I found out he was arrested, it was like somebody had hit me with a hammer.

“I have been pacing up and down non-stop since and have been shaking and crying.

“I feel very sorry for the parents, for their child, a beautiful girl.

“When I see a picture of Libby or Pawel or when I see my reflection in the mirror I start thinking and start crying again.

“I’m genuinely shocked and sorry for their loss.

“You raise a child and then the child is killed.

“Whenever I try to imagine what the parents are going through I feel very very sorry.”

Libby’s last movements

January 31, 2019

Libby leaves her student home at Wellesley Avenue with friends at about 8.30pm and they walked to another student house on Cromer Street together

The group leave at about 11pm to walk to The Welly nightclub, at the junction of Wellington Lane and Beverley Road, where they arrive at 11.20pm

Libby is refused entry to the The Welly and is put in a taxi by her friends just before 11.30pm

The taxi drops her in Wellesley Avenue but she does not go home. She instead walks towards Beverley Road where she falls over in the street

Libby enters another house on Wellesley Avenue after the occupants heard her crying. She says she wants to go home but sets off towards Beverley Road, dropping her keys outside the house she left

She is then approached by a woman who tried to help her outside the former convent at the Endsleigh Centre, on Beverley Road

Two men try to help Libby as she lays in the snow near the junction of Haworth Road and Beverley Road. They were there from 11.40pm to 11.49pm

Another woman steps in to help as she sits on the floor near a bus stop close to the same junction. A supermarket manager spots her in the same location

Relowicz's Vauxhall Astra arrives at the end of Haworth Street at 11.57pm. The defendant gets out of the car, crosses the road to Beresford Avenue and tracks Libby as she walks back up Beverley Road

February 1, 2019

They interact outside the Endsleigh Centre and entered the grounds before walking back to the car at the end of Haworth Street

Relowicz drives off from Haworth Street at 12.08am with Libby in the car

They arrive at Oak Road playing fields at 12.11am

A man living in the house at the entrance to the playing fields wakes at 12.14am and "after a period that he thought was a couple of minutes" hears a woman screaming in the park. The man then sees a young man running from the park "perhaps a few minutes after the last scream"

At 12.19am, CCTV captures Relowicz's indicators flashing as he unlocks his car

Relowicz arrives home in Raglan Street at 12.23am

He leaves home again at 2.22am and drives back to Oak Road playing fields, arriving at 2.25am. He stays for a little over four minutes

Relowicz then drives around, arriving in Alexandra Road at 2.51am, walking over Newlands Avenue and performing a sex act in the street.

He arrives back at Raglan Street but walks back to Newland Avenue where he is captured "walking up and down the road in that area for no apparent reason and exhibiting some strange behaviour"

The prosecution say Relowicz raped and murdered Miss Squire at Oak Road playing fields after arriving at 12.11am. They say he put her dead or dying into the River Hull, which runs along the north east of the park. They say this could have been at the 12.11am visit or the later one at 2.25am.

March 20, 2019

Libby's body is found in the Humber Estuary, off Spurn Point, by a fishing boat

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