Mum's warning as son, 10, drowns in just 1ft of water after being ‘sucked to bottom of pool by faulty pump’

A 10-year-old boy who was enjoying a family day out has died after a faulty pump sucked him to the bottom of a pool, causing him to drown.

Deniz Poyraz Karsli was swimming in a baby pool in southern Turkey on June 11 when tragedy struck.

Dilan Karsli, the boy's mother, was resting on a sunbed when she heard her nephews say Deniz was stuck underwater.

She ran over to find her only child at the bottom of the pool, lifeless, and immediately started creaming for help.

A nurse rushed over and the two began pulling the young boy's body out of a vacuum, where it had reportedly been stuck.

"I tried to lift my son by myself, but the vacuum was drawn from the bottom, I could not succeed," the distraught mother said.

"Someone who said he was a nurse came and we tried to get [him] out together, we couldn't [do] it.

"I shouted [for] help [to] the people around, but they did not hear my scream."

The nurse performed CPR for 10 minutes and got the boy’s heart beating again, however he still was not breathing.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance, but sadly passed away the following day.

His body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Adana to undergo an autopsy.

"We received the news of his death on Saturday and I lost my child due to neglect," Dilan said.

"I blame them all."

The victim’s mother has filed a report with the police which accuses the water park of negligence.

According to the news site Milliyet, Soner Cabuk, the owner of the water park, claimed that the pool’s circulation system was working fine when the incident took place and that Deniz was not caught in a vacuum.

Cabuk: "The pool in question is for toddlers and children between the ages of two and eight to enter under parental control.

"When we consider the height and weight of the deceased boy, it was not possible for him to be caught in the current of the circulation pump in the pool and drown there."

He added: “I wish this sad event did not happen, but as a business, we are not at fault.

"When the work of the prosecutor, experts, and police teams is completed, the truth will come out.”

An investigation is ongoing and an autopsy report is set for release.

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