Newly discovered 9/11 pictures from family photo album show terror attack from never-before-seen angle

NEW photos from the 9/11 terrorist attack have been discovered in a family photo album – and reveal the Twin Towers being hit from a completely different angle.

Liam Enea, 19, found his great aunt Maryann's photos in an album that he was given four years ago – andhe has now released one image to the public.

“Never before seen 9/11 photo, discovered in a photo book I received from a late relative,” he wrote on Reddit on April 24.

“The photos have never been digitized nor seen by anyone other than her.”

Enea spoke with Newsweek and said his great aunt must have lived in New York City and was able to get a unique angle on the tragic day.

“Through the photos, I determined that she lived in an apartment at 310 Greenwich Street in New York City whose terrace faced south toward the World Trade Center," he recalled.

"On that day and in the aftermath, she took the photographs on a type of disposable camera.

“Also, when I showed my mother the building, she instantly recognized it from a 1990s visit and confirmed that Maryann lived there."

His great-aunt eventually gave the photos to her sister, Enea's late grandmother.

But it wasn’t until February that Enea actually looked at them even though he had them for a couple of years.

"I was compelled to post them on Reddit because I hoped people would find them interesting, given that the most iconic photos of the events were taken from a distance, on the ground near the buildings, or from the sky,” he explained.

“These photos show the towers from a close residence.”

On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorists from the Al-Qaeda militant group hijacked four planes in a coordinated attack on US soil.

Two of the planes were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC.

The south tower took less than an hour to burn and collapsed in a cloud of dust and smoke, and the North Tower fell not long after.

This newly-released photo seems to depict the towers after they were struck but before they fell.

Other photos from that day that have been released over the years have also captured the emotions surrounding the tragic event.

Images of the president at the time, George W. Bush, showed his reaction to news of the attacks and his response.

Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office later that night, condemning the "acts of mass murder" that killed thousands of Americans and vowing that the country would not back down into "chaos and retreat."

But these new photos depict a very personal angle on the incident from someone who lived in New York City at the time.

Their current owner wasn’t even alive at the time of the attacks.

“I was born in its aftermath and the outset of the war on terror,” Enea said.

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