Oxford student flings pancakes off the balcony onto his friend's plate

Flipping amazing! Student tosses pancakes backwards through windows and over buildings onto friends’ plates in hilarious Shrove Tuesday stunts

  • Oxford student Jonty Shreeve has developed advanced pancake tossing skills 
  • He is skilled at flipping pancakes and accurately tossing them across the room
  • Each year he attempts a trick which becomes more  outrageous each year 

This is the amazing moment a student shows his advanced pancake-making skills by being able to toss them backwards over his head to his housemates. 

Jonty Shreeve, who is a student at Oxford Brookes University, has been filmed by his friends making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday for several years.  

In his first year, Mr Shreeve flipped a pancake over his head and across the room to his friend Will’s plate. 

Jonty Shreeve tosses the pancake towards a friend who catches the savoury snack on his plate 

Mr Shreeve entertains his friends by tossing pancakes across the room from behind his back

The Oxford Brookes student, pictured, enjoys cooking pancakes for himself and his family 

He later successfully threw a pancake out of his brother’s apartment onto the street below

The following year Mr Shreeve said his friends wanted him to throw two pancakes. 

Last year, Mr Shreeve decided to go one better. At his brother’s flat in Deptford he launched his pancake through the kitchen window and over a balcony to a friend waiting with a plate in the car park below. 

This year, he is back in university for the final year of his degree where he plans to top the balcony trip. 

Due to his name, he said Pancake Day is always known as Shreeve Tuesday in his family.  

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The footage showed the pancake float between two buildings towards the street below

Throwing pancakes from a balcony threatens their structural integrity as can break up

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