Pub forced to shut blasts 'rule-breaking d***head' customers and 'keyboard warriors' in scathing note

A PUB forced to shut its doors has blasted "rule-breaking d***head" customers and "keyboard warriors" in a scathing note.

The Noah's, in Stoke, closed on Friday – less than three weeks after it was allowed to reopen under Boris Johnson's Covid roadmap.

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And the owners have penned a furious missive to punters after complaints on social media about how the boozer was run, reports StokeonTrentLive.

The message, pinned to the front door of the pub, reads: "Sorry, we are closed until further notice… bye, for now.

"We apologise for any inconvenience.

"We would like to (sarcastically) thank all the 'd***heads' that did not follow the rules and the keyboard warriors writing nonsense on social media.

"Your actions have cost the jobs of 15 people and closed a well-established local business.

"But we sincerely thank our regulars, good friends and those loyal, respectful customers that have supported us following the rules and being awesome. We will be back."

The pub has a licence to stay open until midnight – but bosses had already made the decision to close the doors at 10pm.

In the two-and-a-half weeks it was open, managers closed the boozer at 8pm on one occasion amid claims customers weren't keeping to Covid rules.

Responding to one social media user, the pub said: "We have done everything required and more to maintain the standards required to monitor every booking that comes through the door.

"We track and trace every person who goes into the garden and we don’t serve them until they have done so. Only if customers are seated do they get served.

"Have you ever tried telling your kids to stay seated? Imagine telling 100 kids to stay seated!

"It’s very similar with people who enjoy going out drinking with friends – they have been sat down for five months waiting to get back into the pub.


"All our staff are here to help our customers follow the guidelines – but not everybody listens.

"They think it’s OK to not wear a mask inside, don’t understand why more than six people on a table is an issue, and some even think they are exempt due to medical issues (yet don’t carry an inhaler).

"Anyone not adhering to our rules is not served and asked to leave.

"As for any pub that decided to open with the restricted rules in these uncertain times this is as new to us as it is to customers.

"We didn’t have to open. It is frustrating that people forget that times have changed.

"Therefore you can’t expect all customers to correspond in the correct way."

Bosses at The Noah's have been contacted for comment.

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