Putin’s new stealth submarines being armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles to unleash nuclear warheads at 6,600mph | The Sun

RUSSIA's new nuclear submarines will be armed with unstoppable 6,600mph hypersonic missiles.

The deadly Zircon missiles – which have a range of 560miles and can be armed with nuclear warheads – are set to be loaded onto the Yasen-M class of stealth submarines.

It is the latest gauntlet thrown down by Putin as he continues to show off his military muscle against the West.

Russia has spent years bragging about its new generation of hypersonic "super-weapons"… with Putin insisting there is "no equivalent in any country in the world".

United Shipbuilding Corporation told state news today that the deadly Zircon missiles have already begun being placed on submarines.

Often referred to as "unstoppable", the missile could strike London within five minutes if launched.


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CEO Alexei Rakhmanov told RIA: "Multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M project will be equipped with the Zircon missile system on a regular basis.

"Work in this direction is already underway."

The missiles, which fly at nine times the speed of sound, are 30ft long and carry a 400kt warhead.

The Yasen-M cruise missile submarines, which include models Kazan and Severodvinsk, are stealthy and could go undetected in deep ocean waters.

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The subs weigh an astounding 13,800 tonnes, have a crew of 64 and measure in at 430ft long.

The deadly subs are already equipped with the nuclear-capable Kalibr and Oniks cruise missiles.

Earlier this year, a Zircon missile was fired from the Admiral Gorshkov in the Barents Sea, striking a target at a range of 625 miles in the White Sea.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu previously said: "This ship, armed with 'Zircons', is capable of delivering pinpoint and powerful strikes against the enemy at sea and on land."

Putin formerly described as the Zircon missile as his missile choice to target American cities in the event of a nuclear conflict.

In January, President Vladimir Putin said: "I am sure that such a powerful weapon will allow us to reliably protect Russia from potential external threats and help ensure our country's national interests."

TV Zvezda – a channel owned by the Russian defence ministry – said: “The Russian Zircon hypersonic missile's stealth features have been disclosed.

“The speed of the Zircon hypersonic missile is so high that it prevents the opponent's air defence system from detecting its impact in time. 

“In fact, its launch will be known only after the target has been hit.”

Earlier this year, a warship armed to the teeth with the nuclear missiles set sail towards Britain, thought to be equipped with the deadly Zircon.

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The Zircon is only one of Putin's terrifying superweapons – the deadly RS-28 Sarmat missile can fly 11,000 miles, carry 15 warheads and has the potential to destroy an area the size of France.

Another of Putin's superweapons is the SC-X-9 Skyfall, a nuclear-armed cruise missile that has an "unlimited" range.

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