Revellers enjoy one last night before Boris's Covid crackdown

Pubs shut at 10pm? I think I need a drink! Revellers enjoy one last night before Boris’s Covid crackdown comes into force later this week

  • Students and revellers hit the streets of Birmingham to enjoy a night out
  • Crowds of people spotted queuing outside The Bristol Pear pub in Selly Oak 
  • Comes after Prime Minister set out measures to clampdown on the disease 
  • Measures include a 10pm curfew on all pubs, bars and restaurants in England 

Revellers descended onto the streets of Birmingham to enjoy one last night out tonight before the Government’s new restrictions to stop the spread of a second wave of coronavirus came into force.

Party-goers, including those who had recently arrived to the city to begin their academic year at university, swapped a night in at home to hit the numerous pubs and bars in the city and celebrate with their friends.

Crowds of students appeared in high spirits as they queued outside The Bristol Pear pub in Selly Oak while others were spotted huddled in large groups without face masks in a nearby park.  

The scenes came just hours after the Prime Minister set out a raft of measures designed to clampdown on the disease, including imposing a 10pm curfew on all pubs, bars and restaurants in England from Thursday.  

Revellers and students arrived to The Bristol Pear pub in Selly Oak, Birmingham, to enjoy a night out before the new 10pm curfew came into force

People queue outside The Bristol Pear pub just hours after the Government toughened its coronavirus measures

Crowds of students flout the Rule of Six as they huddle in large groups without face masks in a nearby park

This month students arriving to Birmingham were urged to stick to social distancing rules and Covid gathering guidelines to prevent outbreaks of the virus at universities in the city.      

It came after the city, which is home to more than 1.5million people, was hit with draconian lockdown rules after the number of coronavirus patients being admitted to hospitals in the city soared.

This month people in Birmingham and neighbouring Solihull and Sandwell were banned from mixing with anyone outside of their own household in private homes, pubs, restaurants or in gardens.

The move followed two days of crunch talks between the Government and local health leaders after Birmingham’s seven-day infection rate rose to 78 cases per 100,000.       

Today Boris Johnson announced a new wave of Covid-19 restrictions that could last up to six months- including a 10pm curfew on bars, pubs and restaurants in England.  

The 10pm curfew on the hospitality sector has sparked an immediate industry backlash as the UKHospitality group said it was ‘another crushing blow’.

There are also fears the move could have unintended consequences amid warnings of a potential ‘surge of unregulated events and house parties’.

Tory MPs also expressed concerns about the curfew plans, describing them as a ‘terrible blow’ for the hospitality industry and warning there must not be another ‘major lockdown’.

It was claimed overnight that Mr Johnson had initially backed a total shutdown of the hospitality and leisure sectors before Chancellor Rishi Sunak persuaded him to take a less severe course after warning of economic carnage.  

Under the new measures, plans for a partial return of sports fans to stadiums from October 1 have been ‘paused’ while the number of people allowed to attend weddings is being reduced to 15. 

Mr Johnson also announced the end of the Government’s back to work drive.

Pub-goers at the Westminster Arms pub in London watch the Prime Minister address the nation regarding new coronavirus restrictions

Customers at the Westminster Arms pub in London watch Boris Johnson issue an emotional plea to the country

Just hours after setting out the new measures, the Prime Minister issued an emotional plea to the nation and warned that ‘iron laws of geometrical progression are shouting at us from the graphs that we risk many more deaths, many more families losing loved ones before their time’. 

He also hit out at his critics – including Tory MPs and business leaders who warned of the economic impact of what he is doing, adding: ‘To those who say we don’t need this stuff, and we should leave people to take their own risks, I say these risks are not our own.

‘The tragic reality of having Covid is that your mild cough can be someone else’s death knell. 

The Prime Minister said it was necessary to reintroduce the measures to avoid a dramatic surge in deaths and a second, economically devastating total lockdown

‘And as for the suggestion that we should simply lock up the elderly and the vulnerable – with all the suffering that would entail – I must tell you that this is just not realistic.

‘Because if you let the virus rip through the rest of the population it would inevitably find its way through to the elderly as well, and in much greater numbers.’            

Despite the PM’s new crackdown, some experts have already warned the measures will not be enough after Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said yesterday the UK could hit 50,000 cases a day by mid-October and 200 plus daily deaths by November unless Britain changes course. 

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