Shocking moment 300-strong crowd guzzle booze and dance in the snow despite Covid lockdown

THIS is the shocking moment about 300 people guzzle booze and dance in the snow despite coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Footage filmed in Newcastle shows a large group of revellers gathering during a visit to Cow Hill on the city's Town Moor yesterday.

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In the clip, they can be seen playing music, dancing and chanting on the snowy hill.

Several people in the video dance, jump and party next to each other, with no social distancing and without face masks.

Bystanders said the group was "becoming more stupid" as people continued drinking throughout the evening.

Northumbria Police slammed the gathering as "completely unacceptable" as the country continues to battle with Covid-19 and thousands of people die every week.


The force said they received reports of the incident, but the group had dispersed when officers arrived.

A local who witnessed the gathering told Chronicle Live: "We got there at about 3.45pm and they were all already there.

"There must have been a good 300 of them – they had music on, lots of alcohol and no social distancing."

The woman said revellers were still there at about 6pm and "were getting ridiculous" by doing things such as going down the hill on shopping trolleys.

She added: "They were just enjoying themselves but the more they drank it just got more and more stupid."

The local said she believes it was an organised event due to the high number of revellers on the hill.

A person who saw the footage said: "It's this irresponsible behaviour that is undermining our fight against Covid-19."

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "We want to be clear that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and undermines the efforts of the majority of people in our region who are making daily sacrifices to prevent the spread of coronavirus."

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council said that while many people wanted to enjoy the snow, Covid-19 is "very much still out there and you need to protect yourself and others from the virus."

The latest data show the UK has recorded 13,494 more coronavirus infections and 678 more fatalities.


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