Son, 55, ‘suffocates 83-year-old mum with plastic bag after she refused to lend him cash for a prostitute’

A SON allegedly suffocated his 83-year-old mum with a plastic bag after she refused to lend him cash for a prostitute, say cops.

The 55-year-old suspect reportedly stuffed the victim’s body into a sack, dragged it outside and dumped it on the street a few blocks from their apartment building in Ukraine, they add.

In a police video, a detective can be heard asking the man: “What exactly have you committed?”

And the man – who has not been named – replies: “I’ve killed my mum.”

Cops allege he fatally attacked his mum at their home in the southern city of Odesa late Monday night.

Police say the son knocked his 83-year-old mother out before suffocating her with a plastic bag, according to Odesa Depo.

A blue sack – with the woman’s legs sticking out of it – was spotted the following morning, March 16, by shocked commuters who reported the gruesome find to cops.

Her remains, found with a bag over her head, was pulled from the sack and transported to a local morgue.

Meanwhile, a sniffer dog led officers to the family’s apartment block after attending the scene.

Neighbours then identified the victim by a photo, and showed cops the mother's flat.

The victim’s son was found at home and was taken to a police station for interrogation during which he allegedly confessed to the crime, authorities claimed.

In video of the son's interview with cops, after being told to give more details, the suspect said: “I hit her on the head with a hammer and she passed out.

“I put a plastic bag on her head and wrapped her neck with duct tape to secure the bag.

“I waited until she stopped breathing, put her in a sack and dragged outside.

“I left her on the street, returned home, ate, drank and went to bed.”

The man also said he had been "drinking alcohol and watching porn" shortly before his mum's death.

Investigators were shocked by his indifference while making the horrific confession, reports said.

The man attacked his mother during a quarrel after she refused to give him money so that he could pay for a sex worker, a source with close ties to police said.

Browser search history on the suspect’s computer showed he had been seeking a prostitute, the source added.

Law enforcement official Oleksandr Kotsar alleged to reporters: “During an argument, the son hit the mother on the head several times before killing her.

“The victim died from lack of oxygen. He put the victim’s body in a sack and dumped it near a school in the centre of the city.”

The man has been taken into custody and will be sent for a medical examination in the coming days, say authorities.

"Urgent investigative actions are being carried out with him.

"As part of the pre-trial investigation, a number of examinations will be assigned, including a forensic psychiatric one, which will determine the sanity of a person,"said police, reports Apostrophe.

He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of murder.

The police investigation continues.

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