Stray dog with striking ‘eyebrows’ has become internet sensation

A stray dog has been given a new home after images of its human-like eyebrows were posted online.

The cute dog was found wandering on the streets of the city of Bratsk in the Irkutsk Oblast region of south-central Russia.

It was taken to the Dobriye Ruki animal shelter and has been waiting for adoption.

Volunteers uploaded pictures capturing the dog's striking features – a pair of thick black eyebrow-looking hair above its eyes.

The dark colour casts a contrast to the rest of its light fur, and the animal has become an internet sensation.

Experts from the shelter believe that the stray dog had some Husky in its ancestors and the 'eyebrows' are an indication of this lineage.

A vet confirmed the 'eyebrows' were not added artificially and the pooch was only at the shelter for five days before it was adopted.

Local media report that the woman named Oksana who decided to adopt the cute dog has called her Frida after iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – known for her prominent eyebrows.

She said: "I am the happiest owner of the coolest dog ever. She even knows two commands: sit and come here."

Oksana also added that Frida knows what the word "stay" means, and is aware how to ask to go outside.

She added: "I got a bunch of toys for her. She sleeps on the bed."

This week Oksana plans to make an appointment with the vet in order to have an estimate of Frida's age.

Netizen 'Mariesh Nn' said: "Wonderful news. This is marvellous. Good luck!"

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