Students sign fake petition to cancel Memorial Day, call it a celebration of 'US imperialism'

Students sign fake petition to cancel Memorial Day: Celebration of ‘US imperialism’

Fox Nation contributor Joey Jones reacts to Campus Reform video asking people in Washington, D.C., about Memorial Day.

Students and other people walking around the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., signed a fake petition ahead of Memorial Day to ban the holiday honoring fallen military service members.

The petition, authored by Campus Reform, a conservative news site and higher-education watchdog, calls for support to ban Memorial Day in the U.S. for glorifying “American Imperialism.” Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith interviewed those who signed the petition in a video published on the outlet’s website.

Fox Nation contributor and retired Marine bomb technician Joey Jones told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday that one of the young men in the video appeared to be about the same age as he was when he fought in his first war.

“Have you ever seen the movie ‘Frozen’? I’ve got a 2-year-old daughter. I watch it a lot more than I want to,” Jones said, making an analogy. “There’s a snowman in the movie ‘Frozen,’ and he’s so stupid and ignorant to the world around him, he can’t wait until summer. He sings a whole song about summer, and he’s a snowman.”

Jones said the U.S. Marine Corps represents the protections the military provides the county that, adding that the only thing keeping the snowman from melting is a “Disney princess… and a cloud of snowflakes.”

In the Campus Reform video, one young man told Smith that he thinks Memorial Day is “a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism.”

“It’s not an attack on any individual but more of a system,” he explained.

Later, when asked to expand on his thoughts about imperialism, the young man says: “I didn’t really think in this way until I went to college and I took women’s and gender studies classes and that put me on this path where I’m like, yeah, f–k the U.S.”

“For me, I was on this spirituality-type journey where we’re all one or whatever and what I was learning in social justice was the material analysis I needed to practice what I feel like exists on a spiritual plane in real, everyday life.”

He then says “yes, please,” when asked whether he’d want to completely abolish the U.S. military.

A young woman said she thinks Memorial Day “represents a lot of negative aspects of America and highlights something that people shouldn’t necessarily be proud of.”

“If we’re going to honor and celebrate the dead, I think it should be those who lost their lives to genocide in America,” she said.


Several other people signed the fake petition and told Smith they did not know what the U.S. celebrates Memorial Day.

One woman declined to sign the petition because she did not want to have one of her “bank holidays” revoked, adding that the holiday should instead be rebranded as “something else” that celebrates “something worthwhile instead of imperialism.”

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