Suspect with name tattooed on neck busted for providing false identity to police

He really stuck his neck out on this one.

A man under investigation for forgery was busted for giving a fake name to police — even though his real name is clearly tattooed across his neck, authorities said.

Cops in the city of Mattoon were speaking to forgery suspect Matthew C. Bushman, 36, of Mansfield — who has “Matty B” tattooed in black ink across his throat — when he tried to pass himself off as someone else on Oct. 8, police said.

He also gave an incorrect date of birth to throw cops off.

Bushman, cops said, was trying to dodge an arrest on an active warrant in Peoria County.

He was arrested on Oct. 11 and booked into the Coles County Jail on charges of forgery and obstructing justice, according to police and jail records.

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