Teacher left horrified after finding student’s note saying he’s been flashing his underwear in class

A TEACHER was left mortified after a student left a note on his desk to let him know he had been unknowingly flashing his underwear in class all day.

Greg Donitzen, a science teacher from the US, shared his embarrassment on TikTok after finding out a tear in his beige chinos had put his blue underwear on display.

The note left by a student read: "You have a hole in your pants.

"All the kids are talking about it.”

The horrified teacher shared his story in a clip, captioned: "Embarrassing teacher stories… this happen to anyone else?"

It left viewers shocked, with one writing: "OMG this is an actual nightmare, but that kid had your back."


Another wrote: "That kid had your back, that's the one that deserves the free A this year."

Fellow teachers shared their own horror classroom stories in the comments of the video.

One woman said: "I had a student come up to me after class to let me know I should stop raising my arms because I had really bad sweat stains in my pits."

Another wrote: "At least he told you. My kids just let me go home wondering why they were acting different."

The hilarious video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times since Monday.

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