Teen dies after stage holding over 100 people collapses during dance audition

A 13-year-old girl has died and 14 people injured after a stage holding over 100 people suddenly collapsed during a dance audition.

The horrifying moment was caught on camera on Saturday when the children were having a group photo taken on stage at the Golden Daffodil threatre in Zhangzhou, south-east China.

The children were said to have been auditioning for a dance performance known as the 'Lucky Peacock'.

As the children were walking towards the stage, an elevated platform suddenly collapsed and sent the crowd to the ground.

Terrified parents rushed onto the stage to rescue their children.

One young girl's legs were trapped in between the stage and the platform rig.

She was rescued by firefighters and was taken to hospital where she later died.

Five adults and nine other children were injured in the accident and were taken to hospitals in Fuzhou and Xiamen, reported state broadcaster CCTV.

Most of them suffered muscle tear injuries.

Ou-yang Cihui, who was recovering in hospital, told CCTV: "There's a set of wheels, like those in escalators, glided off when the platform collapsed and went sideways."

An initial investigation launched by local government officials revealed that the stage collapsed as there were too many people on it.

A member of the organiser for the competition, known as Mr Yuan, said the stage was 'worn out and old'.

Mr Yuan and two other persons have been detained as police carried further investigation.

The Golden Daffodil theatre remains closed as the investigation continues.

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