Texas woman fatally ran over boyfriend with car after argument: cops

A Texas woman killed her boyfriend by running him over with a car after an argument, according to a report.

Margaret Ruth Mankin, 23, of Garland, was arrested on a murder charge Thursday in the death of Eric Ian Jones, who was found lifeless in the middle of a Far North Dallas street on June 1, police told the Dallas Morning News.

Investigators later found that Jones, 23, had a vehicle registered to an address in Richardson, where a man who said he was Mankin’s father claimed the couple had gotten into a fight, the report said.

Mankin “pushed [Jones] out of the car,” her father recalled a day later, leaving her afraid that she killed her boyfriend, an affidavit obtained by the newspaper states.

Mankin admitted that she and Jones had argued while inside the vehicle and claimed Jones broke her cellphone before getting out of the car, WFAA reports.

Witnesses reported to police that they saw the couple apparently agitated with each other when they were last seen at a friend’s home earlier that morning and hopped into a car, the station reports.

Mankin was charged after blood found on the underbelly of the car matched Jones’ DNA, according to a murder warrant that claims she intentionally ran over Jones. She appears to have no criminal history, according to the Morning News.

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