The already thin case for delaying our final June 21 unlocking is falling away

WHEN even doom-mongering Professor Neil Ferguson talks down the Indian variant it may be time to dial back the panic.

The ex-Sage boffin agrees with Government scientists that it’s not as catchy as they first feared.

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Cases of it have still risen 28 per cent this week, but few of those people are vulnerable.

Crucially, hospitalisations nationwide are NOT rising. Our daily deaths were down to three yesterday.

And there is rising confidence our jabs beat all strains, the Indian included.

The already thin case for delaying our final June 21 unlocking is falling away.


Crystal balls

MATT Hancock did his best Comical Ali-style propaganda job yesterday, insisting the Government had been “crystal clear” over holidays. Who is he kidding?

The rules on red, amber and green-list countries may have been clear in the Health Secretary’s mind. Other ministers should have swotted up.

Mixed messages from George Eustice and Lord Bethell have sown utter confusion.

And there is real chaos at Heathrow too, with passengers arriving from “red list” India mingling with those from amber and green countries.

Still, while it’s too late for Brits already abroad, at least we now know: Holiday in the UK or a green-list country. That’s it.

Best Left, Keir

IT is hard to stomach Keir Starmer demanding the Tories act to quell rising UK anti-Semitism over the Gaza conflict.

He is right, of course. But this vile racism mainly comes from the hard Left.

It was turbo-charged by Labour under Corbyn, whom Starmer supported.

Its anti-Semitism was condemned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Corbyn was fired as a Labour MP by Starmer. But he remains a member.

And his backbench cronies still tweet one-sided “Free Palestine” calls while Jews live in fear of terrorists’ rockets.

Leftie hotheads, meanwhile, trot out the toxic phrase “from the river to the sea” — effectively a call to eradicate the Jews’ homeland of 73 years.

Once Starmer rids Labour of these people, he’ll earn a hearing on anti-Semitism.

Homes woe

THE biggest house price boom since 2007 is good news if you own one, grim if not.

What chance do young people on low pay, or even on good salaries, have of getting on the property ladder now?

What more incentive do the Tories need to bulldoze planning laws, get millions of homes built and face down Nimby neighbours even in true-blue seats?

A generation unable to buy property is a long-term political threat like no other.

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