Thief steals chemo medication from patient’s porch

A brazen thief stole chemotherapy medication from an Oklahoma City man’s doorstep just minutes after it was delivered, delaying his treatment for brain cancer.

James Mills, 43, said his planned round of chemotherapy on Monday would not happen after a hooded suspect swiped the potentially life-saving delivery from his porch on Saturday.

“I checked the door and didn’t see the package,” Mills told KFOR. “I double checked and they said it had been delivered. I check the security cameras, and I saw the UPS driver deliver it, then about eight minutes later another individual comes up, grabs it and takes off.”

Video shows that the suspect took steps to avoid identifying himself during the heartless heist, keeping his head down and away from two cameras installed on Mills’ porch.

“I’m set to start a rotation of chemo [Monday] and it takes a day at least to get that mail ordered to us, so that’s kind of my concern at this point,” Mills told the station. “Every thing has to be taken at a certain time, at a certain dose … so hopefully I can get a replacement before I get too far out of range.”

Mills’ wife, Heather, said she was seething over the aggravation the thief has caused her husband.

“It’s not easy to get, I mean, we had trouble getting medicine to begin with,” she told the station. “Just having to call the pharmacy and go through the doctor and get approvals and things like that, so just that in itself is frustrating. So now to have to go through it all over again, just to get a replacement, it made me really angry.”

Mills said the pharmacy was closed over the weekend, leaving him without another option until it reopened early Monday.

“It’s pretty expensive medication as well,” Mills told the station. “We’ll have to find out what the procedure is to get [a] replacement.”

Mills, who did not immediately return a message seeking comment Monday, has filed a report with Oklahoma City police regarding the theft and told investigators that the medication without insurance assistance was worth $30,000, according to an incident report.

No arrests had been made as of Monday afternoon, police confirmed to The Post.

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