Top doctors warns that Brazilian butt lifts could leave women with deformed bums later in life

A TOP doctor has warned that the Brazilian butt lift could leave women with deformed bottoms later in life.

Cosmetic surgeon Aamer Khan said: “We simply do not know how the buttocks of those who’ve undergone the treatment will look 20 years from now.

“I have deep concerns about the possible long term effects of the procedure on women who have undergone an extreme Brazilian butt lift choosing extra large buttocks that distort their natural anatomical balance.

“Over time and, as the ageing process takes effect, the skin’s elasticity may not support the additional fat and the bottom may become lopsided, droopy and lumpy.”

Butt enhancements involve inserting silicone-filled implants or injecting fat from other parts of the body.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has ruled the procedure is: “the most dangerous cosmetic surgery to undergo”

Dr Khan, co-founder of the Harley Street Skin Clinic in London, now refuses to perform butt lifts — which involve ­silicone-filled implants or injecting fat from other parts of the body.

Statistics show that one in every 3000 buttock enhancement procedures around the world results in a fatality.

Celebs rumoured to have had a Brazilian butt lift include Kim Kardashian, 38 — although she has always denied it.

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