Trump blasts Biden, Hillary and 'sleaze-bag' Atlantic story in raucous Nevada rally

DONALD Trump said he can now be “really vicious” while blasting Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and a “sleaze-bag” story in The Atlantic at a campaign rally in Nevada on Saturday.

Trump’s fiery comments come after Biden condemned him when The Atlantic published an explosive story detailing how the president allegedly disparaged military service members as “losers” during a trip to Europe in 2018.


Trump recounted seeing a Biden campaign ad that reportedly pictured Trump standing over the graves of soldiers.

“He’s a pathetic human being to let that happen where they had an ad like that where I’m standing over graves with no sources, nothing,” Trump said at the rally.

He continued: "Now I can be vicious and we’re going to start by saying the Democrats are going to rig the election because that’s the only way they’ll win.”

Trump claimed that he has 25 witnesses “saying it never happened” on Saturday before barreling on with a blistering assault on Hillary Clinton.

“I think it was 31 different phones they deleted. These are criminals we’re dealing with and there has to be a repercussion. We’re dealing with criminals,” Trump said.

Clinton was cleared by the FBI after she was investigated in 2016 for “extremely careless” handling of classified information she kept on private servers.

Trump and his followers have repeatedly chanted “lock her up” during rallies held in both the 2016 and 2020 election years.

“I don’t care if you say it anymore. Because you know what? She illegally deleted and her lawyers should go to jail with her,” Trump said.

He added: “The fact is that Republican Party doesn’t play it rough and tough like those people. They’re too nice.”

Trump also condemned Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, who Trump claimed didn’t want the president to hold the rally in the state.

The rally was initially scheduled to be held at the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority but it was rejected it because the number of expected visitors would violate the state’s social distancing orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“After this is over, you’ll have like an NBC reporter, this third rate reporter, stand up say ‘They had this small crowd, an insignificant crowd,’” Trump said.

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