Trump says Biden has the 'IQ of a first grader'

Trump says Biden has the ‘IQ of a first grader’: Ex-president says President’s ‘mind is a catastrophe’ in rant about his ‘open border’ and ‘corruption’

  • Former President Donald Trump went on a rant aimed at President Joe Biden Thursday morning 
  • He said the 80-year-old president had gone ‘MAD’ 
  • Trump also said Biden had the ‘I.Q. OF A FIRST GRADER’ 

Former President Donald Trump went on a name-calling rant aimed at President Joe Biden Thursday morning on his Truth Social website. 

The thrice-indicted 2024 hopeful suggested that the 80-year-old Biden had gone ‘MAD,’ using all-caps to express his anger. 

While Trump is still dominating Republican primary polls, he’s increasingly in legal hot water, with a fourth indictment potentially on the table before the end of the month in Fulton County, Georgia. 

‘OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED BY A MAN WITH THE MIND, IDEAS, AND I.Q. OF A FIRST GRADER,’ Trump posted Thursday morning, pointing to Biden’s ‘Open Borders CATASTROPHE.’ 

In a second post Trump added, ‘I think that Crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe he has gone MAD, a stark raving Lunatic, with his HORRIBLE AND COUNTRY THREATENING ENVIRONMENTAL, OPEN BORDERS, & DOJ/FBI WEAPONIZATION POLICIES.’ 


Former President Donald Trump went on a name-calling rant aimed at President Joe Biden Thursday morning on his Truth Social website. He was photographed golfing Thursday at the LIV Golf Bedminster event 

Trump went on a rant about President Joe Biden Thursday morning, saying the 80-year-old president had the ‘I.Q. OF A FIRST GRADER’

The 2024 hopeful also called the sitting president ‘MAD’ and complained about ‘DOJ/FBI WEAPONIZATION,’ which Trump has blamed for his legal troubles 

The ex-president has long claimed that the FBI and DOJ have become ‘weaponized’ against Republicans, which is why he’s facing an unprecedented legal battle on multiple fronts.

Trump’s tirade came as his loyal aide, Walt Nauta, was in court Thursday morning in Florida, for his role in the classified documents fiasco. 

The ex-president was allowed to skip that court date, which is an arraignment for the superceding indictment, which claimed that Trump had ordered aides to destroy surveillance camera footage at Mar-a-Lago. 

And then on Friday, Trump’s attorneys are expected in D.C. court with lawyers from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team to discuss what the ex-president can publicly say about the 2020 election interference and January 6 case, his third indictment of the year.

During an appearance on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Trump railed against any attempts to muzzle him as he runs for the White House a third time.

Trump called it ‘election interference.’  

‘Crooked Joe now wants the thug prosecutor, this deranged guy, to file a court order taking away my First Amendment rights so I can’t speak,’ Trump said, earning boos from the crowd. 

‘I will talk about it, I will,’ he added. ‘They’re not taking away my First Amendment rights,’ Trump said to cheers. 

He’ll continue traveling to early contest states this weekend with a Saturday appearance at the Iowa State Fair. 

As a candidate for president in 2015, Trump gave crowds helicopter rides at the fair. 

Nearly every Republican presidential candidate will make an appearance at the annual event during its 10-day span. 

The latest poll out of Iowa, conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, has Trump up 24 points from the second place candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  

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