US military vet warns Americans are ready for REVOLUTION over mask legislation – and it ‘WON’T be peaceful’

A MILITARY veteran told a board of California county officials that peaceful citizens are becoming "concerned and revolutionary" due to certain coronavirus restrictions in place.

Carlos Zapata was filmed speaking to officials in Shasta County, California earlier this month.

Not wearing a mask himself, he told officials sitting off camera that he didn't blame them for wearing masks.

"I would be hiding my face too if I was you for what you're doing," Zapata said.

The veteran criticized them for wearing masks and claimed they were being complicate.

"Open the county, let our citizens do what they need to do," he said. "Let owners and businesses do what they need to do to feed their families.

"Take the masks off. Quit masking and muzzling your children. The psychological damage you're doing to them is horrible."

Zapata claimed six friends of his that were veterans who lost their jobs, killed themselves due to what has been going on.

He quickly turned the criticism political, saying Shasta County was supposed to be "red country" and not "blue country."

The veteran claimed that citizens of their county were being peaceful and the officials "better be happy" they are good citizens because they wont be peaceful for much longer.

"We’re building, we’re organizing, with law enforcement and without law enforcement but you won’t stop us when the time comes because our families are starving," he said.

Zapata clarified that his comments were not threats but warnings.

"I’m not a criminal and I’ve never been a criminal but I’m telling you that good citizens are gonna turn into concerned and revolutionary real soon."

The video shows Zapata talking about his time in combat and how while he didn't want to go back, he would to "save this country."

On Thursday, the Democratic Central Community of Shasta County proposed local public health officials and law enforcement make masks and social distancing mandatory in public places, KRCR reported.

"We are really not at liberty to infect our fellow citizens and that's what we're risking," said Jenny Abbe the chair of the organization. "When you're asking something so simple as to wear a mask, it seems like a small price to pay."

Abbe has also requested warnings and tickets should be given out to those who don't comply.

In the state of California, face masks or coverings are required in public spaces.

Gov. Gavin Newsom mandated the order in June telling Los Angeles' ABC7 that numbers were going up and not down.

"We think the most impactful thing we can do, short of going back to a stay-at-home order, is wearing face coverings when we can't practice physical distancing," he added.

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