Watch: Bat terrorizes Spirit passengers on flight to Newark

There were two too many wings on this plane.

A jaw-dropping video shows passengers on a flight from North Carolina to New Jersey screaming and panicking as a bat zips through the aircraft.

The video was tweeted by Peter Scattini, 23, who said he was aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Charlotte to Newark on Wednesday morning when the winged rat began flying through the plane — prompting travelers to squeal and shout, “Oh my God!”

“Me, twice a year: ‘i’ll never fly Spirit again.’ Me, this morning, after deciding i’d rather save 12 dollars,’’ the Brooklyn resident posted on Twitter, along with the wild footage.

The video quickly went viral, prompting one observer to quip, “Bat storage fee was $15. Easy choice to let it fly around.’’

Spirit Airlines didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment Friday.

“I also want to make clear that this bat appeared WHILE WE WERE 30 MINUTES INTO OUR FLIGHT,” Scattini tweeted. “Where it came from? No idea. Eventually someone trapped it between a book & a cup and then locked it in one of the restrooms for the remainder of the trip.”

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