We live in the UK's 'most TOXIC village' – we're being poisoned & getting sick with mystery illnesses… it's a nightmare | The Sun

RESIDENTS of the UK's "most contaminated" village have claimed they are being poisoned and developing mystery illnesses due to their surroundings.

Locals of Somercotes, Derbyshire, have alleged that building works near three nearby toxic waste dumps have left them with stroke-like symptoms.

Plans for 630 new homes in the area have been approved despite fierce local opposition.

The development sits on the site of a former quarry and coal mine, which was turned into a dump for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of industrial waste in the '60s and '70s.

Since the bulldozers rolled in, villagers say they have been struck down by mysterious health issues.

Hannah Tomlinson, 53, was hospitalised with symptoms similar to those of stroke sufferers.


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She said: "If it continues, we'll probably have to move.

"I can't live being rushed in and out of hospital and family not wanting to come, because of what could be there.

"I had a headache and neck pain and I was really lethargic. Then I had slurred speech and started having uncontrollable shakes in my hand."

Hannah said that she was in the hospital for nine days, with tests revealing an elevated white blood cell count, which indicates an infection.

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Doctors told her to wear a mask outdoors, but she believes the construction work is the issue.

She added: "Since the developers moved onto the site I've had headaches, neck pain, shakes, dizziness and I'm tired all the time.

"I believe what is to blame is what is coming out of the fields."

Other locals have complained of seizures, blistering skin and nasty rashes.

Hannah's neighbour Allan Smith, 67, called the site a "toxic timebomb".

Parish Councillor Jason Parker said: "I saw Hannah at her worse and she had numbness in her hands and she could hardly string a sentence together.

"It's absolute madness to build on these tips. The whole area is one of the most contaminated sites in the UK."

A spokesperson for Amber Valley District Council said: "The health and safety of all residents in the borough remains paramount, so we are taking the complaints very seriously.

"Our investigations of the proposed development sites, including contact with the developers, have confirmed that no construction work has taken place and that the only machinery on site to date has been specifically required for ground investigations.

"The current works require the stripping back of the surface layer to inspect for any historic mine workings, including early bell pits and mine shafts. This is a strict condition of the planning application.

"To date there has been nothing to suggest that there are soil contaminants present at levels that would be deemed unsafe for development."

Avant homes, which is one of a pair of developers involved in the project, said that their proposed site has "no known landfill areas on it".

A spokesperson explained: "At its closest point, the site is also some 250 metres away from the nearest former landfill site, which is situated across a small valley.

"Soil testing confirmed the absence of any significant concentrations of organic or inorganic contamination on our site."

Meanwhile, Future's Housing Group denied any connection between the site and locals' illnesses.

A spokesperson said: "We are sorry to hear that some people in Somercotes are having health problems and wish them well.

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"Extensive and expert investigations at the site as part of standard pre-development preparations have found no significant or unusual contamination.

"If new evidence comes to light that directly connects any of the newly reported health problems to the Stanley Street site we will of course take all necessary steps to address the situation."

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