We're terrified of our 'neighbour from hell' who put up CCTV cameras to SPY on us – it's giving our kids nightmares | The Sun

HOMEOWNERS say they're terrified of their "neighbour from hell" who put up CCTV cameras to spy on them – which gives their children nightmares.

Kevin Grogan, 67, has night vision cameras with microphones on a barbwire-covered pole towering over his neighbours' homes in Greater Manchester.

And despite the police and courts repeatedly telling Mr Grogan they had to go, the creepy cameras still stand today.

The GMP in Rochdale first received complaints about the cameras early last year – but Mr Gorgan's neighbours claim they've had issues with him far longer.

They say he spies on them, verbally abuses them, threatens them with violence, and has done for years – plus he locked off their ginnel.

But Mr Grogan says he's not spying on his neighbours, he's protecting himself from them.

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He also claims he's never been ordered to take down the cameras, but just "adjust them".

Resident Anju Begum, 33, told The Sun: "It has been a total nightmare for three years.

"He has been the neighbour from hell, spying on us and verbally abusing us.

"He threatenened to throw a brick at my face. We have had to call the police up to 30 times since we moved in three years ago.

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"We just want it to end but every couple of days things happen.

"He watches the kids. They have had nightmares of this and him.

"And they get picked on at school as everyone knows this is a house where the police are always at.

"This was our dream house. We moved from Luton to be here but it's turned into a never-ending nightmare."

The mum-of-three added: "It's taken a devastating toll on us.

"I had a miscarriage and lost the baby with all the stress.

"I am on anti-depressants and felt like I had to leave the house and my partner.

"This has nearly destroyed our relationship."

He watches the kids. They have had nightmares of this and him.

Her partner, Mohammed Alam, 40, said: "He once chased me with a machete.

"But when the police came round they arrested me because of all the martial arts equipment I have in the house.

"Him and his wife play the old age pensioner card and seems to get away with it.

"It's outrageous. He is a total nightmare."

Taxi driver Khalid Ramzan, 56, said: "He's a real pest.

"You feel spied on and he's had lots of run-ins with neighbours.

"It is just very creepy having all the listening devices and cameras.

"He accused me of throwing stuff over the fence once.

"He can be a real nightmare."

In a social media update, GMP Rochdale police said it was now the: "End of the road for camera obsessed neighbour who appealed every legal order."

The Manchester City Magistrates Court had ordered Mr Gorgan to remove cameras recording his neighbour's properties, only have CCTV covering his own yard and have an audio setting that only records when alerted to a trespasser on his property.

While Mr Grogan had appealed the decision, it was found to be without merit.

He's a real pest.

But, Mr Gorgan insisted he had been the victim in all of this, after getting abuse and threats from his neighbour.

He told The Sun: "There are only four cameras and we have been ordered to adjust the cameras. I have not been ordered to take them down."

He insisted it was "completely untrue" that he was spying on his neighbours.

Mr Grogan also insisted this all started as a land dispute, adding: "The new neighbour made threats against me and my wife if we did not give him the land.

"He wants that land for himself."

Mr Grogan also denied he had chased his neighbour with a machete and insisted it was "a stick".

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He said: "He has made threats against me and continuing harassing us and damaged our vehicle.

"My wife made her mind up that she wanted CCTV cameras and that is why we put them up."

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