Who is Arlene Phillips' husband Angus Ion?

STRICTLY Come Dancing's Arlene Phillips has signed up for I'm A Celebrity, where she will become the oldest ever contestant.

But what do we know about her husband, Angus Ion?

Who is Arlene Phillips' husband Angus Ion?

Angus Ion is a designer carpenter from London.

The couple began dating after they met in 1985.

Arlene met Ion, a set builder at the time, on the set of Freddie Mercury's music video "I Was Born To Love You".

The couple tend to keep the details of their personal lives private.

Arlene and Angus were recently spotted in Wales as the former Strictly judge, 78, begins her two-week quarantine ahead of taking part in the new series of I'm A Celebrity. 

The television personality is staying in a rural hideout alongside Angus and their dog Freddie before the November 21 start date. 

As well as being the oldest contestant, Arlene is going to be the first Dame on the show.

The oldest contestant on the programme so far has been Prime Minister Boris Johnson's dad Stanley, who starred in the 17th series back in 2017, aged 77.

Do they have kids?

Arlene and Angus have one child together.

They have one daughter, Abigail who was unexpectedly born in 1990.

In 2017, Arlene revealed she was made to feel like a "freak" when she fell pregnant with Abigail at such a late age – having had her at the age of 47.

Speaking to Closer, she said: "[I was told] I was some kind of freak, that I would find it hard to bond with my baby when I could be the grandmother."

Arlene has one other daughter from an earlier relationship, Alana.

In April 2018, Alana had tied the knot to fiancé Henry Stewart.

Arlene revealed the news to her fans on Instagram, writing that she was "so happy".

Sharing a gorgeous picture of the bride and groom, Arlene wrote: "Spreading the news! My beautiful daughter got married today. I'm so happy. #proudmum #beautifulday #newinlaw #weddinghappiness #importantthingsinlife".

Alana is Arlene’s eldest daughter and works as a makeup artist.

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