Who is Christy Giles' husband Jan Cilliers?

CHRISTY Giles made headlines in November 2021 after she was found dead following a night out with friends.

Prior to her sudden death, the 24-year-old Los Angeles model tied the knot with Jan Cilliers.

Who was Christy Giles?

Giles was famously known as a model whose body was left on the sidewalk outside Southern California Hospital at Culver City.

She was later pronounced dead at the scene on November 13, 2021 after she was last heard from the night prior.

Giles was often seen posting on social media to her 17,000 followers about her travels and work.

Her cause of death was determined after a toxicology report, which found heroin in her system.

Who is her husband Jan Cilliers?

Cilliers is known professionally as a visual effect supervisor and artist by trade, according to his website.

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He is often seen on social media posting pictures of his wife and has "made a career fine tuning and working with the highest caliber images from some of the best cinematographers on the planet."

Following Giles' death, Cilliers released a statement, calling the news "heartbreaking."

"People share these amazing videos that they have with her, and it just brings back her energy, and I know I'll never get to see her or kiss her or touch her again, and it's just so heartbreaking," Cilliers told ABC7.

He later set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for private investigators, funeral and memorial costs which has already raised more than $83,000.

What happened to Christy?

Giles was last seen on November 12 attending a warehouse party in Los Angeles with her friend, Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola.

Hours later, Giles was reportedly dropped off at a hospital by three men in an all black with masked in bandanas and license plates removed from their vehicle.

Cabrales-Arzola was then dropped off two hours later at a different hospital where she was put on life support with no brain activity and with "little possibility of recovery," according to Cilliers.

According to friends and family, Cabrales-Azola was drugged against her will.

Following her passing, her family was set on bringing justice to her death and holding those involved accountable.

On December 16, three suspects were arrested in relation to to her death.

At this time it's unknown who exactly was taken into custody and their charges.

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