Who is Daphne Westbrook's father John?

THE story of missing teen Daphne Westbrook made national headlines back in 2019.

18-year-old Daphne Westbrook was allegedly abducted from her Tennessee home by her father two years ago.

Who is Daphne Westbrook's father John?

John Westbrook is allegedly the former missing Daphne Westbrook kidnapper.

While Daphne Westbrook was found, the location of the father is still unknown.

Daphne Westbrook was found in Alabama, miles and miles away from her hometown in Tennessee.

The father, who is alleged to be the kidnapper still remains a fugitive authorities said Friday.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation posted a statement on social media updating the social media.

Daphne Westbrook was found safe in the town of Samson, Alabama almost 100 miles away from Montgomery, Tennessee.

The search for John Westbrook is still continuing, after his alleged kidnapping of his daughter in October of 2019.

Westbrook, who is 42-years-old, didn’t have legal custody rights at the time of abduction.

He is currently wanted on multiple charges including aggravated kidnapping.

Hamilton County issued an alert that Daphne was endangered and was being held against her will.

She was found by an officer on patrol stopped a vehicle driven by the young woman early Friday morning.

The apparent reason for her being pulled over was because it had a missing tail light and an expired tag.

The officer realized who she was after running her information in a database of missing persons.

Before she was discovered the father and daughter had been sighted in several states.

The two were believed to be headed west, before she was found in Tennessee.

According to authorities, Daphne said she was heading to the beach at the time of being pulled over.

In a statement to the media, prosecutors said, "It is especially gratifying to be able to tell her mom that Daphne is free and no longer being hidden.”

The search for John Westbrook will continue, with hopes that after his capture a trial will be held.

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