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JEREMY Hunt has been married to Lucia Guo since July 2009.

Here's all you need to know about the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Who is Jeremy Hunt's wife Lucia Guo?

Jeremy Hunt's wife Lucia was born in the city of Xi'an in China.

She moved to the UK before meeting the Tory MP and holds British citizenship.

Lucia regularly appeared on Sky TV's China Hour and presented her own show called Signature Flowers Of China.

Throughout their relationship, Hunt led a delegation to China while he was holding the position of Health Secretary.

The visit created a UK-China media production treaty deal that launched China Hour on Sky Channel 191.

Together, the couple formed a real estate business called Mare Pond Properties Limited.

In 2019, Lucia watched her husband launch his bid to become the leader of the Conservative Party and was dubbed his "secret weapon".

She again supported him as he launched his bid for the Tory leadership in 2022, but he ended up being knocked out in the first round.



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She is often seen supporting Jeremy at political functions.

Lucia has been beside her husband throughout a lot of his political career.

Jeremy was appointed as Chancellor on October 14, 2022, after Kwasi Kwarteng was sacked from the role.

He has remained in this role ever since, despite the resignation of Liz Truss in October 2022.

When did Jeremy Hunt and Lucia Guo get married?

Jeremy met Lucia at a Hotcourses event in Warwick in 2008.

She worked at the University of Warwick helping to recruit Chinese students to study at the uni.



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It was only a year later that Jeremy popped the question by hiding an engagement ring in the hollow of a tree during their Christmas eve walk.

The pair, who have an 11-year age gap, married in July 2009 and had a traditional Chinese ceremony in Xi'an.

Hunt describes her as the "sparkler" in his and his family's lives.

It was revealed that Lucia's nickname for her hubby is "Big Rice," after her Chinese grandmother struggled to pronounce "Jeremy" and so just called him "Big Mi" meaning "Big Rice".

Jeremy and Lucia have now been married for more than a decade.

How many children do they have?

Lucia and Jeremy have three children together.

Their son Jack was born in 2010, with Anna following two years later and the youngest Eleanor was born in 2014.

In 2014, Hunt said that he fears his children may face discrimination if immigration is not controlled.

He reasoned that anger against immigrants will increase unless more is done to curb the number of people coming to the UK.

Jeremy tends to keep his family out of the spotlight.

The Hunts live in Hambledon in his constituency, South West Surrey.

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