Woman angry her shed hadn't been built confronts indie band by mistake

Customer angry that her new shed hasn’t been erected angrily confronts indie band Shed Seven online by mistake

  • Jo Wisbey, 53, from Whitstable, Kent, took to Twitter to complain about her shed 
  • Instead of confronting Sheds.co.uk, she tagged York rock band Shed Seven
  • The band comically replied to her tweet saying they’re useless with a hammer 

An angry customer who complained her new shed had not been built angrily confronted indie band Shed Seven online by mistake.

Jo Wisbey, 53, from Whitstable, Kent, took to Twitter to complain about the service she had received from Sheds.co.uk.

Instead of tagging the company, she directed the unhappy tweets to Shed Seven an alternative rock band from York, The Sun reports.

Her tweet read: ‘@shedseven I appreciate you may not be installing due to Covid but you could answer your phones.’

Jo Wisbey, 53, from Whitstable, Kent, (pictured) took to Twitter to complain about a company who she said had not built her shed

Instead of tagging Sheds.co.uk, she ended up tagging indie rock band Shed Seven from York

Fans of the band were quick to jump on the misunderstanding, using titles from their hits to reply to the woman, such as telling her she ‘was Chasing Rainbows’. 

To add to the hilarity, the band replied to her tweet: ‘Sorry to hear you shed hasn’t been installed Jo. 

‘But we manufacture indie rock anthems and alas can not help you. We’d be useless with a hammer.’ 

They soon discovered Jo had sent another tweet to their account and another comical response: ‘Once again I can only apologies, we’re not installing sheds due to us not installing sheds. 

‘We can install some fine music in your ears however .. new live album out soon.’

Their response has been liked more than 12,300 times on the social media platform.  

The band’s fans quickly jumped on the tweet, coming up with comical responses to her misdirected complaint

As well as the band’s Twitter page, Shed Seven frontman Rick Witter (pictured) also joined in with the tweets – offering Jo the chance to come see them live once they’re back gigging

The singer of the band, Rick Witter, even took the time to send her a message from his own account.

He said: ‘This is brilliant Jo, when we get back to gigging we formally invite you +1 on the guest list to a gig of your choosing to make it up to you….’

Jo told The Sun: ‘I accidentally picked the option above the shed company in the list.

‘I didn’t know the band’s work well but I’ve been listening to it since.’

Since her complaint the shed company has given Jo her money back but her shed is yet to be built.

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