Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe whines after jail cuts horror channel from lags' Freeview options

THE Yorkshire Ripper is in a strop because he can longer watch the Horror Channel.

The daily showing of 18 certificate slasher movies and serial killer flicks had been a popular Freeview channel at Durham’s Frankland prison where Peter Sutcliffe is being held.

Inmates get to vote on which channels to watch and they have now decided to swap it for another movie channel.

The move was backed by most prisoners who voted but has triggered an outcry among others at the category A prison, which houses some of the country’s most evil killers including  Sutcliffe and Soham monster Ian Huntley.

Some are moaning that they are being treated like children for not being able to watch the adult-rated horror flicks any more.

Sutcliffe, 72, doing life for the murder of 13 women, said: “They’ve taken off the horror channel and swapped it for another film channel. They changed it because somebody complained that it was showing movies for over 18s.

“But we are all adults here, we are men of the world. It’s stupid.”


A source added: “You wouldn’t think the prisoners in there would want to change the horror channel.

“But perhaps one of the less evil inmates thought it inappropriate that people like Sutcliffe could watch so many violent films.

“Whatever the reason, some of the prisoners are not happy.

“But it’s hard to have any sympathy for them. It makes your skin crawl to think about the monsters in there enjoying a daily diet of adult-rated movies about serial killers and the zombie apocalypse.”

The horror channel broadcasts shows such as Star Trek through the day but after 9pm it features films like Seed of Chucky, part of the Child’s Play franchise, and Painkillers about a surgeon who develops a taste for human blood to ease his pain after his son dies in a car crash.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “Prisoners are only able to watch television if they are well behaved and earn the privilege to do so.

“There are only a limited number of Freeview channels available at any one time which inmates who have earned this right can vote for.”

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