Zara Holland leaving boyfriend behind to flee Barbados was 'last thing I wanted to do' after Covid breach court rap

ZARA Holland said leaving her Covid-struck boyfriend alone in Barbados was "the last thing" she wanted to do.

The ex Love Islander fled the holiday resort last night after she was slapped with a hefty fine for breaking coronavirus rules – leaving boyfriend Elliott Love still suffering with the virus and locked up in a grim isolation centre.

But Elliott escaped with a £3,000 fine following a court appearance today – despite the fact he planned to board a packed plane while carrying Covid.

The Sun Online can reveal Zara – who was seen sheepishly boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight to Manchester yesterday – told pals leaving Elliott alone on the island was "the last thing I wanted to do."

She confided: "I just have to get home. The way I am feeling right now I don’t ever want to step foot back in Barbados again.”

Zara added: "What was supposed to be a paradise holiday to celebrate turned into hell."

The pair were both swabbed on arrival on the paradise Island and ordered to isolate at the £300-a-night beachfront Sugar Bay hotel – and when Elliott’s test came back positive, they made a run for it to avoid being quarantined.

However, the pair were picked up by police at the airport and Elliott stuck in the island’s Paragon military base, which has been converted into a Covid-19 quarantine centre, and Zara was ordered to isolate.

Despite the trauma, the Sun Online understands there's no bad blood between the couple and Elliott gave the former Miss England his blessing to head home.

“She was in a really frantic state,” a source said. “Elliott is looking forward to seeing her as soon as he can. Neither of them meant to cause any trouble and know they were foolish but they just want to get back home ASAP.”


Elliott today refused to comment as he left the Bajan courthouse.

Defence attorney Harry Husbands asked the court that Love be treated differently because he was a “simple guy” who owned a small demolition company and worked for £450-a week.

The magistrate said Love had been reckless since he had tested positive and had placed a taxi driver who drove him to the airport and his family's life in danger. 

And a traveller who spotted Zara on her way back to Manchester yesterday said the islander looked "sheepish" and was trying to keep away from other passengers.

They added: "We were shocked to see her because we know her boyfriend is still being detained while he battles Covid. I’m amazed she’s left him behind."

Another holidaymaker reportedly saw the beauty queen scurrying out of the island's £350 a night Hilton shortly after she appeared in court.

Zara faced a judge yesterday, who spared her a jail sentence – but slapped her with a £4,500 fine.

She pleaded guilty to breaching Covid lockdown laws by "leaving quarantine without reasonable explanation".

Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes, known for his tough stance against Covid rule breakers, ordered Zara to pay a £4,417 fine ($12,000 Barbados dollars) within seven days or face nine months in prison, Barbados Today reports.

Zara's lawyer, Andrew Pilgrim QC, said she had admitted her attempt to leave the country was "foolish".

He said she accepted "full responsibility" for her actions.

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